Het weer Curaçao

Weather on Curaçao

Weather on Curaçao

Curaçao has a tropical savannah climate. This means we have a rain season, and a dry season. Most rain will fall at night. If it does fall during the day, it is still not too bad, as you will always be able to find a beach with sunshine. Actually, we are not used to rain that lasts all day, most of the time it will only rain for a few minutes. So, when you lay on your sun bed on the beach and it is starting to rain, do not bother to find shelter, as just when you have found a palapa, the rain will be over.



There is a rather strong eastern / north eastern trade wind, which means the north coast can be pretty rough. The wind comes from the same direction the entire year. You will therefore have a wonderful view at for instance ‘Shete Boka’, where water is splashing on the rocks. These are great natural phenomenon’s to watch. The park has plenty of parkings, so park your car and take a walk into the nature park.

During hurricane season there is less wind, which will make temperatures rise. Hurricane season lasts from July to December. Curaçao is almost never hit by a hurricane, but due to hurricanes in the area of Curaçao there is less wind on the island.



Temperatures are always around 30 degrees Celcius. Also during rain season, temperatures will be high. Temperatures are always between 27 degrees Celcius at night, to 33 degrees Celcius between 12.00 PM and 03.00 PM. If you are used to the Dutch climate, it will not be necessary to bring trousers or a vest.