Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Verwoerd Car Rental 

  1. Rental conditions
  • The minimum rental period of a rental car is 4 days.
  • The price of the rental car includes Sales tax, All risk insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, one extra driver and free kilometers.
  • The price of the rental car does not include fuel costs. If the tank is less filled at the end of the rental period than when it was delivered, costs will be charged. Naf 25 is charged for a quarter tank and for Small SUV or larger 50 Naf for a quarter tank.
  • The rental car is delivered near the airport or the residence of the renter (we deliver/pick up the car up to the height of Coral Estate). When the planning requires it, Verwoerd verhuur BV. request the renter to have the car delivered and/or handed in at the office of Verwoerd Car Rental BV. We offer the tenant a transfer to the accommodation or the agreed location (we deliver up to the height of Coral Estate).
  • Verwoerd verhuur BV can deliver the rental car near the airport if your flight has landed before 6:00 PM. For landings after 6:00 PM, the car will be delivered to the accommodation or to the agreed location the next morning. Collection of the rental car is possible near the airport until 19:00.
  1. Mandatory identification
    At the start of the rental of a vehicle, you must bring the following documents in the name of the main driver:
  • Valid driver’s license (held for at least 1 year).
  • Double identification is required for the main driver; for additional drivers, a driver’s license is sufficient. The additional drivers must be present when picking up the rental car and must all present a valid and original driver’s license.
  • If no driving license of the driver at Verwoerd Auto Verhuur BV. registered, the car/occupants are uninsured.
  1. Age/expensive driver’s license
  • The tenant must have held a B driving license for at least one year;
  • The tenant must be at least 19 years old;
  1. Not allowed:
    It is not allowed to use the car (or have it used):
  • For unlawful purpose;
  • For teaching;
  • For pushing or pulling any vehicle or trailer;
  • For the transport of persons and/or goods in violation of any legal provision of Curacao;
  • To participate in car races, rallies or other sports q puzzle rides;
  • By a driver who does not have the physical and mental condition required to operate the vehicle. The absence of this condition is in any case presumed if the driver has used substances that can influence the driving ability;
  • By a driver who does not have a valid driver’s license;
  • By a driver who is not registered as a driver with Verwoerd Auto Verhuur;
  • On unpaved roads; for example at Shete Boka, San Juan, Hato plains;
  • At the park around the Christoffelberg;
  • The driver may not consume alcoholic beverages and/or narcotics before or while using the car;
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the car;
  • It is forbidden to leave items in the car (visible or invisible) (e.g. bag/clothes/towel, etc)
  • It is forbidden to visit the full moon party at Kokomobeach with the rental car.
  1. Liability
  • The renter must handle the car with care.
  • The renter is liable for all costs, imposed fines plus a contribution to the administration costs and further (financial) consequences of violation of the Road Traffic and other legislation by car, plus a contribution to the administration costs.
  • The car must be parked in a closed area between 10pm and 6am (10pm-6am).
  • The renter is responsible for the vehicle and the rental continues until Verwoed verhuur BV has carried out the final inspection of the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is taken from the renter after 18 hours or is dirty, the renter is still liable for any damage found after washing the car, a maximum of 48 hours after taking in the rental car.
  • An anti-theft clamp is supplied with the car; it must be used at all times.
  • The renter must lock the car when not in use.
  • The renter must return the car in a verifiable manner. If the car is too dirty on the inside and/or outside, costs may be charged for this.
  • The tenant must ensure that the key and possibly. do not get the alarm box wet. In the event of loss or water damage, the full costs will be borne by the tenant, regardless of whether the deductible has been paid off or not.
  1. Maintenance
  • The renter is fully responsible for refueling with fuel suitable for the car.
  • Costs of any maintenance are for the account of Verwoerd Car Rental BV and will only be carried out on behalf of Verwoerd Car Rental BV.
  1. Loss or damage
    In the event of loss and/or damage or defects to the car and/or seizure by judicial authorities or civil-law seizure, the renter is obliged to immediately inform Verwoerd Car Rental BV of this. If any damage or defect with further use of the car entails the risk that the damage or defect will worsen or further use can lead to a reduction in road safety, the renter is prohibited from using the car until repair (after permission van Verwoerd Car Rental BV) has taken place. In the event of damage caused by a point referred to in Article 4, the amount of the damage suffered will be fully recovered from the renter. This applies to both the interior (upholstery) and exterior of the car. In the event of damage, this must be reported to Verwoerd Car Rental BV immediately upon discovery of the damage and the damage will be paid by the renter to Verwoerd Car Rental BV at that time. In the event of non-payment, collection will be engaged and the costs of collection will be charged to the tenant. Any costs related to not being able to rent out the car in question will also be charged to the renter.
  2. Accident
    Partly in connection with the insurance policy, the tenant is obliged:
  • to inform Verwoerd Car Rental BV immediately of any damage or accident;
  • Immediately notify Curacao Road Service ( +599 9 747 1333 ) and police ( +599 9 866 6400 );
  • Leave the vehicle exactly as it is when damage is detected, so DO NOT move it;
  • Complete the claim form immediately and collect all the details of any persons and vehicles involved in the accident, as well as note the details of any witnesses;
  • To refrain from acknowledging guilt in any form;
  • Remain with the vehicle at all times until Verwoerd verhuur BV or Curacao Road Service has removed the car if applicable.
  • Verwoerd verhuur BV as well as the insurance company to provide the requested cooperation in defense with regard to any claims from third parties. If the obligations described in this article are not complied with, the insurance will lapse and the renter will owe full compensation, plus administration costs.
  1. Insurance
    The car is fully insured. The Insurance determines the amount in terms of passenger insurance, which applies to the renter of the vehicle and is not supplemented by Verwoerd Car Rental BV. The insurance only applies if the General Terms and Conditions are fully complied with.
  2. Express dissolution clause
    Verwoerd Auto Verhuur is entitled to terminate the rental agreement without notice of default or judicial intervention and to take possession of the vehicle again, stating the reason, without prejudice to its right to compensation for costs, damage and interest.
  3. Duration rental agreement
  • In case of renewal of the rental agreement, all conditions of the agreement remain in force. The same applies to any change of cars.
  • In the event of a shortening of the rental period, Verwoerd Car Rental BV is not responsible for restitution of rental fees.
  1. Tires
    Punctures or damage to tires are in all cases directly for the account of the renter, this is not covered by the insurance. If one or more tires need to be replaced, the renter must do this at Napa Auto Parts Curacao.
  2. Terms of payment
    • When booking a rental car, a deposit of €75 is required, without a deposit the reservation of the rental car is not guaranteed. No refund of the deposit is possible. At the start of the rental agreement, the (remaining) rental amount must be paid in cash (Naf or $), by bank transfer (Naf or €), by debit card payment (Naf or $) or credit card payment ($) (no American express) to be paid. In the case of credit card payments, administration costs of 5% of the rent will be charged.
    • A deductible of €450 / $500 applies to the rental of the car; there is the possibility to buy it off completely. If one or more drivers are younger than 23 or have had their driver’s license for less than three years, there is an excess of €600 / $700 and the excess cannot be bought off. PLEASE NOTE: This is also the deposit that will be paid or authorized by credit card.
    • The deposit can be paid by credit card authorization or by bank transfer. The deposit amount must be paid at the latest upon receipt of the rental car.
    • The signature of the main driver, also credit card holder under these general terms and conditions, authorizes Verwoerd RENTAL BV to authorize and, if the tenant does not comply with the general terms and conditions or has damage, also to collect the deposit via credit card or bank transfer.