Trips curaçao

Terms & Conditions

  1. Mandatory identification
    At the start of renting a vehicle, you must bring the following documents in the name of the main driver:
    – Valid driving license (at least one year in possession).
    – Tenants with a residential address in the Netherlands have an address identification in the form of a bank statement, paycheck, extract from the population, copy of telephone subscription fixed telephone to carry. These documents must not be older than 60 days.
    –Tenants who are not resident in the Netherlands must carry a valid passport and valid driver’s license when you come to pick up the rental car.
    – A double identification is required for the main driver; For all additional drivers, a driving license is sufficient. All additional drivers must be presented when picking up the rental car and all should show an original and valid driver’s license.
  2. Age / duration license
    – The tenant must be at least one year in possession of the license
    – The tenant must be at least 19 years old
  3. What you hire?
    – The price of the rental includes VAT(Value Added Tax), All-risk insurance, additional driver and free mileage.
    – The price of the rental does not include fuel costs.
    – The rental of a car comes with own risk which applies to Euro500, – / Naf 1000 –
  4. Not allowed:
    The tenant is not permitted to (hand out) borrow the car:
    A. for a purpose contrary to law;.
    B. for giving instruction;
    C. to push or tow any vehicle or trailer;
    D. for the transport of persons and / or goods in contravention of any law of the country where the car is used by the lessee;
    E. for participating in car races, rallies or other sporting competitions or treasure hunts;
    F. by a director who is not on the physical and mental capacity required for driving the vehicle. The lack of such capacity is assumed in any case if the driver has used substances that can affect his driving ability; G. by a driver who does not have a valid driver’s license;
    H. by a driver who is not named as a tenant or as a driver on the rental agreement;
    I. on dirt roads;
    J. The park surrounding the christoffel mountain. K. It is forbidden to smoke in the car and use alcohol / drugs.
  5. Liability
    – The tenant should handle the car with care.
    – The tenant is liable for all costs, fines plus a contribution in the administrative and other (financial) consequences of violation of the road traffic and other legislation by car, plus a contribution towards administration costs.
  6. Maintenance
    – Tenant must lock the car when not in use.
    – Tenant is fully responsible for refueling the cars suitable fuel.
    – Costs of any maintenance will be covered by Verwoerd Car Rental, if on the part of Verwoerd car rental agreement to the tenant for maintenance is provided. The tenant is entitled to urgent maintenance, with reasonable prior consent of Verwoerd Car Rental and can not be awaited, commissioning on behalf of Verwoerd Car Rental, up to a maximum of Naf 300,-. These costs are only covered by display of the bill / receipt of items / activities are covered by Verwoerd Car rental to the tenant.
  7. Loss or damage
    In the event of loss and / or damage or a fault on the car and / or seizure by judicial authorities or civil seizure, the tenant is obliged to inform Verwoerd Car Rental immediately. If any damage or defect with continued use of the car the risk due to the damage or the lack or further use can lead to a reduction in road safety, the tenant is prohibited to use the car until recovery (after permission of Verwoerd Car Rental) has occurred. In case of damage caused as a point mentioned under Article 4, the amount of damage is related entirely to the tenant. This applies to both the interior and outside of the car.
  8. Accident
    Bound by the insurance policy, the tenant is obliged to inform Verwoerd Auto Verhuur as soon as possible;
    – Warn Curacao Road Service and police immediately;
    – Fill in the claim form correctly with all the data of the persons and vehicles involved in the accident, and note down the information of any witnesses;
    – To refrain from admitting guilt in any form whatsoever;
    – Leave the car behind only after the vehicle has been secured adequately against accidents, theft and burglary;
    – Verwoerd Car Rental and the insurance company to provide the requested cooperation to a defense with respect to any third party claims. If the obligations described in this article are not followed correctly by the tenant, besides possible damages, a compensation for additional administrative costs are due.
  9. Insurance
    The tenant is liable for all damages resulting from damage or loss of the car (which also means loss of profits) arising from or caused, in any manner whatsoever, between the time of delivery of the car to the renter or driver and the moment of repossession by Verwoerd Car Rental with a maximum of said excess. There is an option to redeem at your own risk.
  10. Express termination clause
    – Verwoerd Car Rental is entitled to terminate the rental agreement without notice or judicial intervention and to once again take possession of the vehicle, without prejudice to its right to compensation for costs, damages and interest:
    – if it appears that the tenant during the rental period of his obligations not, not completely, not timely or properly comply;
    – In case of death, receivership or bankruptcy of the tenant; – In case of seizing by the government,
    – If there are intermediate conditions that Verwoerd Car Rental at the start of the lease not aware of, which are such that, Verwoerd Car Rental has been aware it was not entered into the lease. Tenant are authorizes to check this. Verwoerd Car Rental will check where the vehicle is located and once again take possession of the vehicle. In the event that the car is repossessed by Verwoerd Car Rental, Car Rental Verwoerd retains all rights to the costs incurred or by the breach of contract damages to recover from the tenant.
  11. Lease extension
    In case of renewal of the lease, all conditions of the agreement are in action, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the two parties.
  12. Vehicle
    The tenant is obliged to undo by or on behalf of changes and additions made to the vehicle; the renter shall not claim any right to compensation.
  13. Driver
    The tenant is prohibited to hand out the vehicle to anyone another than to provide driver mentioned in the rental contract.
  14. Tires
    Flat tires or damage to tires is in all cases covered directly by the tenant as this is directly dependent on the driving behavior of the driver. This is not covered by insurance.
  15. Payment Terms
    Upon arrival (ie upon signing of the lease) we ask the (remaining) rental amount in cash. Unfortunately we can not accept credit cards yet. You may also pay in advance via bank transfer if you do not want to travel with cash, we will send a confirmation message by email.