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Traffic rules on Curacao

A number of traffic rules


  • Use of seat belts is obligated on Curaçao.
  • The speed limit within the urban area is 40 km/h.
  • The speed limit outside the urban area is 60 km/h unless stated otherwise.
  • One must give way to traffic going straight on a t-junction
  • Roundabouts each have their own priority rules, pay attention to the traffic signs and traffic around you.
  • Roads on Curaçao can be extremely slippery when it rains, adjust your speed.
  • Road users may use their brakes quite unexpectedly, please keep your distance.
  • Leave nothing in your car, to prevent theft./li>
  • In case of damage, do not move your car. You will call the rental company directly as well as the Curaçao Road Service +599 9 747 1333 or 199.
  • Free tip of the rental company: ‘everyone has the right of way, except for yourself’.