The options at Mambo beach

It’s a touristy place, but that’s why everything is well organized. The choice is huge at mambo beach. Mambo beach not only has a fairly extensive beach, but there is also plenty to do.



At mambo beach there is the mambo beach boulevard. On the mambo beach boulevard there are many different shops with swimwear, beachwear, jewelry, flip flops, snorkels and more. So you can enjoy yourself for a while on the mambo beach boulevard. And if your partner or fellow holidaymaker doesn’t want to go shopping with you, you can lay them down on a beach bed with a cold drink in hand.


Vacation captured

If you never want to forget your vacation on Curaçao, you can also get a tattoo at mambo beach. There are really a lot of palm trees, suns and waves tattooed here. Apart from the small work, you can certainly leave the big pictures to Byron on the Mambo beach boulevard.



Foto by: Dolphin Suites

Mambo beach is of course mainly there for the beach. At mambo beach there are many different beach bars. Want to relax with not too many people around you? Then you are in the right place at Hemmingway, where the hotel guests of Lionsdive and beach resort in particular are relaxing.

At Chill you can choose between hanging out at the bar, relaxing on a real Curaçao beach chair, sitting on one of the garden benches or lying on a beach bed. You pay for the beach beds, the rest is free. Grab a cold drink, smoothie or grab a bite to eat and enjoy Chill Beach. At Chill you can also hang a painted piece of driftwood with your company name, for example. We are curious if you have already found ours.

Bonita is the part of the beach where you have to provide yourself with a snack and a drink. Bonita’s snack bar and bar are located on the mambo beach boulevard. Snack Friday is the day to take a seat here.

Madero Ocean club not only has a stretch of beach at its disposal, but even a swimming pool. So if you prefer not to have sand between your toes for a day, but you do want to be on the beach, you can simply jump into the pool at Madero at mambo beach.

Which beach do you prefer? Let us know in the comments and we’re also curious why.




The choice of food is also extensive. At mambo beach you can go for a good pizza at Piazza or Pizzamare. At the green house you can eat a good piece of meat or order unlimited sushi on Mondays and Thursdays. You can also go to mambo beach for a hairdresser, at the Green house downstairs at the beach. So you can snack at Bonita. Chill is known for its chicken skewers. At Hemmingway there is something for everyone, a simple but good menu. There are even more restaurants at mambo beach boulevard, come by to see where you would prefer to enjoy your lunch or dinner.



You can park your rental car safely opposite Lions Dive and Beach resort to prevent damage and theft of the car. You pay ANG5 or $3 here and they pay close attention to your car parked within the walls of the parking lot. At Mambo beach itself in the large parking lot, the experiences are unfortunately not good.


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