How safe is Curaçao?

Curaçao is a very nice island to go on vacation. Many tourists also come every year to enjoy the beautiful island. Every holiday country has its advantages and disadvantages, including Curaçao. But how safe is Curaçao really?




The largest form of crime is theft. That is why it is useful not to have a lot of valuables with you. Of course, a telephone and debit card are useful to have in your pocket, but do not show too much or take other valuables such as jewellery, watches or iPads with you. In the Netherlands and of course other countries you also pay attention to your belongings and do not throw everything around in unknown places. If you do not do this in Curaçao, you run little risk and ensure a safe holiday 🙂


Always lock your apartment/house. Close all windows and make sure no one can enter in any way. Do not leave valuables visible on a sofa, table or bed. In short: don’t try to make it attractive to break in.


Also useful to make your time on Curaçao as safe as possible is to always lock your car and not leave anything in the car. Park your car behind a closed gate and not somewhere in a deserted alley. A car burglary is not rare on Curaçao. Of course you always lock your car in the Netherlands, but there it does not hurt to leave something in your car, such as a towel. On Curaçao you have to take everything out of your car and preferably open your glove compartment. This way people see that the car is completely empty and there is nothing to get.


In addition, the steering lock is also not wrong. This provides extra security and your car will not just be stolen. At a rental company you actually always get this and this is also mandatory, also with us!


Veilige stuurslot



Safety on the street

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to safety. Don’t go out alone at night. Don’t walk around the block and preferably not on the scooter in the evening. During the day there is not much of a problem and you can drive everywhere in most places. Walking is also not normal as in the Netherlands. Of course you can walk through the streets in Willemstad while you go into a shop. But don’t walk along a busy road or in areas where it’s quiet and not many people live. There is no sidewalk along the road that you can walk on.


In the alleys in Amsterdam it is not very nice to go alone on the street at night. And your own instinct is also a signal! You feel when you drive in a neighborhood where it is a bit too quiet or where it gets chilly. Rather stay in well-lit and bustling streets.




Bad neighborhoods Curaçao

There are a few neighborhoods that are not really safe in advance. You would rather avoid these neighborhoods in Curaçao. They are somewhat poorer neighborhoods in Curaçao.


-coral woodpecker: behind the boulevard at mambo beach is the coral woodpecker district. Members of the No Limit Soldiers gang live here. This is the only neighborhood that is close to a tourist spot. It is not safe to walk here. Avoid this place after dark and always go together.

-Souax: This district can be found in the north of Curaçao. You can just drive through it by car. It is not safe to take a walk here.

-Seru Fortuna: The same goes for this district. Go through it by car. This district is also in the north near the airport. Avoid this area at night.

-Marie Pompoen: here is a walking route along the sea. No matter how beautiful the route is, try to avoid this path. Tourists have been robbed here a number of times in the past.




Safe on the road

On Curaçao, the rules on the road are different. It is not safe to continue the driving behavior from the Netherlands in Curaçao. Before you rent a car you will also receive instructions and a mini lesson about the rules. In addition, the speed in Curaçao is considerably lower than in the Netherlands. You can drive here at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The most important thing is that you are better off giving than taking. People can be unpredictable here sometimes. There could be spontaneous braking or the car behind you does not see that you are braking. Be careful especially at night. Car lights are not always turned on.

The road surface is also bad. There may be holes in it. If it has rained, it is also wise to drive more slowly because the road can be very slippery.




Everywhere in the world there is crime and there can be danger. The only question is to what extent you seek out this danger. As long as you pay attention, don’t do crazy things, look after your belongings and listen to your instincts, it’s safe to go on holiday to Curaçao!

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