5 most unique restaurants on Curaçao

How nice that you ended up here! We at rental car Curacao love to take you along all kinds of nice places on Curacao. You don’t have a rental car for nothing and you can visit all these places. Today a blog about restaurants. We can give many restaurant tips, but we would like to mention these unique restaurants in this blog. Every restaurant I mention here has its own uniqueness why it is so nice, nice, beautiful or cozy to be there.


Restaurant at Westpunt

The first restaurant is ‘Shelter Rock Paradise’. This is a restaurant near Soto. Soto is west of Willemstad on the map of Curaçao (really towards Westpunt). This local restaurant of the sweetest Curaçaoans is a huge asset on Curaçao. Besides the singing of the lady of the house, what makes this restaurant so unique in Curaçao? On Friday night you get your food served in a coconut! Speaking of the island feeling… definitely do it!


Weekend on Curaçao

During the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) SOL food is also open at Westpunt! The best pizza on the island can be found here. And I can’t talk about it myself, but I hear from our customers that the steak must also be great. I believe it right! Owner Sunshine (originally from Massachusetts USA) is there with all her love for her customers and staff. This restaurant on Westpunt also has a magnificent view over playa Grandi. And unique here is also the tastiest brownie with ice cream, just make sure you leave a hole for it!

Culinary enjoyment together

Restaurant Mosa in the Penstraat on Curaçao is the first on the island to start with shared dining. A concept with which this restaurant makes a statement in this digital age. Eat, talk, laugh and enjoy together. This restaurant on Curaçao is more than worth it, take a picture for them on instagram, but otherwise leave that phone in your bag and enjoy the quality time with your restaurant company.

Local and very restaurant worthy

At Tabooshh on the caracasbaaiweg you are in the right place for local food. The restaurant is partly on a platform and overlooks a pleasant harbour. On Curaçao, the local population eats Creole. Martin, the owner of Tabooshh, has set up a beautiful restaurant with a great local menu. Partly thanks to his grandmother’s recipes, you can enjoy real Curaçao dishes in a restaurant-worthy jacket at Tabooshh on Curacao.

A look in the kitchen

The fishery restaurant, which is open from Friday to Monday, has no secrets! This restaurant has the freshest fish on the island. You first order your fish and side order at the first window, then you walk to the next window to order your drinks. Take a seat at one of the picnic tables and then be surprised by the taste of the freshest fish. The tuna melts on your tongue! And in the meantime, hard work is being done, not only by the service and the cooks. The men who saw the fish are also busy, watch how they perform their craftsmanship.

visserij Curacao

Did you enjoy reading, did you gain new ideas from this piece of text? Or do you have a unique spot to name? Let us know in the comments!